Why Structures of Hope Campaign

ECD centers in many communities serve as the only structures of hope and window of opportunity providing young children a range of services most critical during their growth and development years. However, access to early childhood development (ECD) services remains low in Kenya, and much worse in arid and semi-arid areas where only about 9 percent of children aged 3-6 access community supported ECD services.

Help shape the future of a young child

Your support through #StructuresofHope campaign will ensure that about 2000 young boys and girls in the semi arid areas of Kitui County, Kenya, gain equal opportunity to access a range of most essential services that include; stimulative learning and play, a nutritious meal, clean water & sanitation and access to mobile health care services.

Provide safe environment for learning & play

Majority of young children learn under a tree or in dilapidated structures constructed by communities using their meager resources.

Provide a nutritious meal a day

Due to the harsh climate change experienced in the semi arid causing famine and food insecurity,children in vulnerable households struggle daily for a meal.

Support access to clean water

Most families and ECD centres in the semi-arid area have limited access to clean water and sanitation.

Provide proper sanitation facilities

Children at the ECD are in dire need for adequate toilet facilities to support the large numbers and their unique needs.

Support access to health services

Health facilities in most marginalized areas are far and apart and therefore difficult to access in the harsh terrains.

Help retain a trained ECD teacher

ECD teachers are largely supported by communities through their meager resources.

Support a young child today!

Your valuable support will enable WEMIHS reach about 2000 young children per year living in the semi arid areas of Kitui County, Kenya, access a range of services to be provided in 20 fully equipped ECD centers.

Contribute to Building of an ECD center

that provides a safe environment for stimulative learning and play

Contribute to an ECD community based program fund

that supports WEMIHS to deliver effective management and monitoring of a sustainable program

Contribute towards a feeding program

that ensures young children at the ECD centre receive a nutritious meal a day

Contribute towards a mobile clinic

that will help accelerate access to essential maternal and child health care services

Contribute to a community learning centre of excellence

that provides capacity building for key actors to adapt ECD best practice program model & policies